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5’4” x 8 1/4” x 2 1/4”


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Paddling Speed: 8
Speed off the Mark: 9.5
Turning Grip: 9.5
Control Release: 9


designed by:
Daniel Thomson
tail shape: Round-nose squaretail, flat to double concave to single concave releasing through tail
MADE WITH: Firewire production – EPS blank with high-density composite centre strip, 4x2x4oz glass, epoxy resins
5 fin plugs, Futures system
FIN USED: Futures CM2 thruster and quad set-ups, Futures Mayhem thruster TEST CONDITIONS: 3’-4’ peeling lefts, 5’ barrelling rights, 3’ clean, fast rights, 3’-4’ mushy rights
RIDER: Soli, Hog, Nick

I designed the Nano before the planing hulls (Vanguard, etc) that I’ve worked on since. It dates back to working with San Diego’s Richard Kenvin on the first replica mini-Simmons style boards back in 2007 – really short boards, thick and wide with big squared tails and twin fins. I had it in my mind to do a more high-performance version, but didn’t get on it straight away. A couple of years later, around 2009, I felt I was losing speed with my twin-keel fish Raptor design, so I made this. The first one was 5’2” x 17 ½” x 2 1/8” and it was insane, really set the scene for the boards I’m doing now. Because it’s four years on now, the Nano’s had a lot of time to be refined through custom shaping – subtleties in rocker and curves to match that straight outline and allow it to draw a tight turn in the pocket as well as a long turn. After you guys creased the board in last year’s Test we got rid of the carbon rods out of this one and put in a stringer in the base made of a high-density foam material to give the board an exciting flex as well as a lot of strength.


HOG An epic little board. I’ve had boards off Tomo before. They had normal noses on it whereas this has the disc nose on it. I was a bit worried how that would feel, but when you surf it you don’t notice that at all. It’s got instant speed and I love that about it. I think because it’s so straight off the tail, it just flies along down the line. And once I got back on the tail, once I trusted that it wouldn’t slide out, it was gold. Really fun to ride, exciting. When I’ve travelled with Stu Kennedy and done some time on the Tomos, I’ve found that really stiff back fins – Lost Futures, a big sturdy, fin – even if you thought it might be a bit slidey it wasn’t at all. I really enjoyed this little board eh. I wanna get my hands on that one again, that’s for sure.

NICK Kind of a revelation. I’m a fan of Dan’s approach to design so I was predisposed to like this board, but it instantly surpassed expectations. Accelerated and held speed superbly off the concave and the flat tail rail exit that made it feel almost like a tow board, a feeling that was magnified by the board’s unhesitating bite in turns and ability to reach across distance as well as rip a short arc in the pocket. Surfed it both as a thruster and a quad and it’s one of the few boards I’ve ridden that goes just as well in either configuration. You get the performance styles of both set-ups, but it didn’t say to you “I’m a thruster at heart” or “I want to be a quad!”. The hull seems to overwhelm any of that with its flat, fast, sports-car-style handling. All this and the board is amazingly simple and easy to ride. Major winner.


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