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MF Merino Fleece

Welp, it’s about that time.
The summer heat is slowly fading away, leaving with us the apricity of winter and the need for some new threads. Whilst frolicking in the midst of Bells Beach, Rip Curl took note of our shivering spines and goose-bumped legs. We spent the rest of the week as strong supporters of Mick Fanning.

Ranges from XS to XXL.

The “MF Ram Series” jacket and fleece are MF’s “go to garments” when he
needs something truly special in cool conditions. Unique pieces for sharp style
and smooth comfort on the road. Merino wool remains dry and comfortable
in the elements, but is also breathable and odourless as it changes with body
heat for easy wearing.

“I’m stoked about the collaboration on these jackets,” said MF. “When we
started on a personalised range, I really wanted the clothes to be special and
made for life on the road and Rip Curl’s understanding of the Search has
helped us produce that. Chiming in with Woolmark Australia added another
cool layer of quality. When you hear the words 100% merino, you know its
something special”.


When I was working on this range with the Rip Curl design team our goal was to make sharp looking pieces that were also super-functional.

As surfers, we love to hit the road chasing waves, so we put a heavy focus on creating specific features in each garment that will make your next trip a little easier and a lot more comfortable.

I spend eight months of every year traveling around the world and we’ve tried to put some of that experience into this piece. I hope it serves you well on your search!

Enjoy, MF

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