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Cousin IT by JR

Oh yeah. Can you feel the drive? We sure can. 
Paddle with the ease of a log, turn with the vigor of a thruster, and conserve that leg strength through the flat, sluggish sections.
With a pulled in coffin tail and underbelly contours that remind you of more than just a surfboard, there’s not much else you can ask for. JR has released their newest model, the Cousin It. Make sure you buy it three or four inches shorter than your orthodox.

To test out the newest JR model, we spoke to local shredder and former pro, Samba Mann.
Here's what he had to say about the new stick.

“My Cousin IT is an epoxy with a carbon strip on the top and a strip along the rails on the bottom. It's a very, very light board. The first time I rode it I was amazed at the speed and the energy that it had in average waves. Because of the unique design it has a flex that differs from other boards. It's great because you get such a nice spring out of your bottom turns and it’s extremely responsive, which I love…

It’s a board designed for smaller waves, but I rode it in a four-foot swell and had a ball. I reckon getting it four inches shorter would be more suitable, as long as you’re on the right normal sized board. Personally, I’m happy at about three inches under my height. This board would suit any surfer, from a beginner to an advanced level, and I reckon you could ride it in waves anywhere from one to four feet, no problem.”

From 5’5 to 6’4.

Available in:                           Concave:

Tri-Flex 201 EPS Epoxy             Single to double slight vee off the tail

201 EPS Epoxy & PU Glass        Tail Shape:

Rails:                                     Hip Coffin                                    

Med boxy                                Fin Setup

Rocker:                                  Hip Coffin

Average to flat nose entry and average to flat tail

Ideal Conditions:

Two to four foot beachies

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