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SAMS Radiator Shark Deterrent Wetsuit

Camouflage... Our saving grace from the jaws of Jaws.
Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS), in collaboration with the world-leading researchers at the Ocean Institute at University of Western Australia, has translated scientific research into a range of shark-deterrent wetsuit designs. Turns out, our frisky friends are colourblind. And although they use an array of senses to locate prey, the crucial moments before attack rely greatly on vision. 

Many years of anecdotal evidence suggests that a stripe pattern acts as a repellent to sharks, but we now know there's more to the story. Sharks actually have very good eyesight but they see colours and shapes quite differently to the way humans perceive them. Sharks see in black and white, but their perception of shading is very acute and impacted by the 'reflective spectrum' in the water (how bands of colour react to light). Scientists note the distinctive vivid coloration of many fish species, including the striped pilotfish which spends it's life living alongside predatory sharks. 

The Diverter pattern is specifically designed to overtly present the wearer as unlike any shark prey, or even as an unpalatable or dangerous food option. At the very least this will provide the user with increased protection, but it could also give the time needed to evacuate the area if a shark is in a range.

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