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Marley Bag of Riddim

A boombox in a bag, a bongo that doubles as a boombox and a bag that lets the world know you like puff, puff, passing on the extreme spinach/wacky tabaccy/evil weed. House of Marley love all things irie and rastafirie, all the way down to the Jamaican Patois product names.
An dats a good ting, mon. Personally, I don’t like reggae, oh no, I hate it. I find it to be the laziest of the genres, an over-popular party destroyer. Like, when you’re at a party, and things are getting loose, and some high-grade golden crumpet throws on some reggae jams and totally kills everyone’s will to live, let alone their will to party. For my part, I’d throw on something for the gals to twerk to, or some rock and roll to smash bottles and extinguish cigarettes on ourselves to, or some electro nonsense to really get the party additives kicking in… The beauty of this boombox is that you can connect with bluetooth, so you can still receive your Snapchats while you’re playing DJ, and the sounds that it puts out are funking phenomenal. And, most importantly, this boombox don’t care whether you like reggae or not, it’ll just play whichever jams tickle your particular fancy. Irie mon!

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