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Drift HD Ghost Camera

Any extras? Yes please!  
The major difference between Drift's HD Ghost Camera and other action camera companies, such as GroPro, is that, like any good meal deal, it includes all the trimmings that the competitors charge extra for. Such delicious additions include a built-in LCD, Wi-Fi and a wireless remote. 

The built-in LCD makes it easier to set up shots, change settings and watch your footage straight up to see if it's what you wanted. Included Wi-Fi means you can connect to the Drift App (available for both iOS and Android) to frame shots, change settings, start and stop recordings and playback video, as well as edit and upload your footage. The wearable wireless remote minimises the effort to start and stop recordings and change shooting modes. Scrumptious! 

Also included in this juicy HD Ghost feast are goggle and flat surface mounts, Photoburst and Timelapse modes and extra long battery life (up to three hours) so you can chow down without worrying about filling up before dessert. 

  • Rotating lens to 300°
  • Waterproof to 3m from the box without additional casing
  • Two-way remote included as standard
  • Drift WiFi App now avaiable on iOS and Android
  • Photoburst / Timelapse modes featuring up to 11mp photos
  • 3.5mm External Microphone & HDMI connector inputs
  • 2.0” TFT colour Corning™ Gorilla Glass™ screen
  • Extra long life battery as standard that lasts up to 3 hours
  • Video Tagging mode allows you to never miss a moment

Check out this clip of Manu Portet testing the sucker out at

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