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When the camera becomes the cameraman...
SOLOSHOT is an electronic camera that films you, no man attached, following every sweet sweet carve and cutback as you so speedily race down the line. Automatically rotating to keep you in the center of the lens, this newfangled gadget eliminates the need to hire that expensive cameraman!

SOLOSHOT works by keeping your camera pointed at an armband you wear while you're having fun (ie surfing). With SOLOSHOT doing the filming, you can re-live and share great moments, waves, jumps and tricks. Pass the transmitter to your friend for a bit and they can get some footage too. The best part? No one has to stand on the side of the action holding a camera all day!


- Tracks at distances up to 2000 feet (half a kilometer).
- The maximum pan speed is over 40 degrees per second
- The fastest object tested so far was a race car going 143 mph.
- Batteries last 5+ hours.
- A super bright tracking LED lets you know SOLOSHOT is pointing at you.
- A security feature gives you an access point to lock your camera to the Base, and the tripod can be locked to stationary objects (the same as you would lock up a bicycle).
- The pairing process allows multiple people to each use their own SOLOSHOT near eachother. Each Base will only follow the transmitter that it is paired to.


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